The Bethany - Blue Bridal Bouquet, Bespoke Paper Flowers
The Bethany - Blue Bridal Bouquet, Bespoke Paper Flowers

The Bethany - Blue Bridal Bouquet, Bespoke Paper Flowers

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This bouquet is an example of one of my bridal bouquets, please message me to discuss what colour you would like for flowers and which book for the centre rose.

Your bouquet will consist of four large origami kudusuma origami flowers in two colours with the inside of each petal of the other chosen colour and a cut pattern. They are finished off with a little pearl and bling centre embellishment. The centre rose can be of your chosen book, please message me and I can try source your choice or you can choose from my varied selection.

These can be made from any book, if your choice isn't available in the list below then please purchase the custom book add-on and leave a message with your book choice.

Please choose from the following books:
Sense and sensibility
Harry Potter
The Hobbit
Pride and Prejudice
P.S I love you
Game of Thrones
Alice in Wonderland
The Velveteen Rabbit
50 Shades of grey
Wuthering heights
Sherlock Holmes
The Hunger Games
The Night Circus
The Fault in our stars
The Secret Garden
One Day
Black Beauty
Sherlock Holmes
The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe
Northern Lights (Golden Compass)
The Wind in The Willows
Tess of the D'urbervilles
Gone girl
The Jungle book
Grimms fairy tales
The Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy
Witches Abroad: Discworld
The Wee Free Men
The Count of Monte Cristo
Eat Pray Love
A Clockwork orange
Gone Girl
Jane Eyre
The Dark Tower : Wizard and Glass
Mary Poppins
Winnie the Pooh
The Phantom of the Opera

The other two roses can be of whichever of your two colours you like.

Finally the handle of the bouquet will be wrapped ribbon of your main wedding colour. Bouquet measures approx 25cm in width at widest point and the handle is approx 30cm in length top of bouquet to bottom.

Matching buttonholes are available

Please note: Natural aging and discoloration in books may occur, especially in older prints.